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Hen's Parties

Private Charters

Bring your bride aboard today!

You’re the maid of honour, you’ve got one job. Throw the best Hen’s party ever. The solution is to charter Ferryman Cruises.

Okay, you have lots of important jobs but make sure you create the last great memory the bride will have as a single person.

Why choose a Ferryman Cruise:
  • The bride will love you for it
  • We can do small gatherings to large parties
  • Just the right amount of style
  • Just the right amount of fun
  • Impress on any budget
  • Amazing atmosphere and views

Our friendly staff will help you take care of all the details, so you can focus on the wedding duties and have a great time with your soon to be not single friend.

To learn more about our Hen’s Parties, please fill in the form or call us on 0408 214 980.

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